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What is latex gloves

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What is latex gloves

Latex gloves is made from high-quality latex material, it provide a comfortable fit with good wet and dry grip. Usually it made as latex gloves powder and latex gloves powder free . They are both highly elastic and resistant to tears, punctures, and contamination – perfect for use in a variety of settings.

What is the advantage and disadvantages of the latex gloves?

Advantages of latex gloves:

1. Not only has the advantages of wear resistance, wear resistance, softness, high elasticity, etc., but also resistant to acid and alkali, grease and various solvents;

2. Not only is the texture soft and fits the hand shape, but also comfortable to wear without affecting the flexibility of the hand;

3. Made of natural rubber, non-toxic, harmless and easy to degrade, it can be dissolved in nature quickly after being discarded, which has very important environmental protection significance;

4. It has good sealing performance and strong elasticity, and can be used for non-sterile operations with high risk of contact with blood or body fluids, operations involving sharps, and operations for handling cytotoxic substances and disinfectants.

Disadvantages of latex gloves

1. There is a risk of sensitization, and people who are allergic to latex proteins are not suitable to wear latex gloves;

2. Wearing it for a long time will easily cause a sense of pressure on the hand, and it is easy to cause poor blood flow;

3. It will turn yellow when it encounters sweat stains, saliva and other liquids, and long-term exposure to light, heat, and oxygen will also cause latex gloves to turn yellow.

What is the usage of the latex gloves?

Powdered and powder-free disposable latex gloves are widely used in food processing, homework, agriculture, medical and other industries, and purified disposable latex gloves are widely used in high-tech product installation and debugging, circuit board production lines, optical products, semiconductors, discs Actuators, composite materials, LCD display table, precision electronic components and instrument installation, laboratory, medical and other fields.

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