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What is the AQL ?

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 What is the AQL ?

AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) refers to the percentage of nonconforming products allowed in sampling inspection, and refers to the worst permissible average quality level of the process when a continuous series of batches are submitted for acceptance sampling.

AQL sampling standards are: ANSI, ASQC Z1.4, MIL-STD-105E, BS 6001, ISO 2859. It is a random sampling inspection method based on the principle of mathematical probability, which can calculate the sampling amount according to the total amount of goods, and provides the criteria for accepting or rejecting unqualified products in different quantities of goods. Whether for the buyer or the seller, this criterion is a notarized assessment of product quality.

AQL is widely used in the quality inspection of products in various industries, and different AQL standards are used in the inspection of different substances.

In AQL sampling, the number of samples taken is the same, and the smaller the value following AQL, the less the number of defects allowed, indicating that the higher the quality requirements, the relatively stricter the inspection.


In general, disposable gloves are divided into medical grade and industrial grade.So how is AQL applied to gloves? In China, the AQL standard limit value for medical-grade and industrial-grade gloves is 2.5. In other words, those with AQL 2.5 or less are medical-grade gloves, and those with AQL 2.5-4.0 are industrial-grade gloves. In the United States, the AQL standard for medical-grade gloves is lower, at 1.5, which is more stringent. But this does not mean that the quality of industrial-grade gloves is poor, this is just a comparison result.

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