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What is the chlorine washing process?

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With powder-free gloves has become an important solution to glove wear to minimize glove powder For hand and foot protection products that affect the user and the environment and the process, the chlorine-washing process is one of the powder-free processes and becomes very important. As a mature product technology, it has been widely used. So what is the process of chlorine washing? By treating the protein on the glove surface with chlorine gas, chlorine reacts with the protein to denature the soluble protein and lose its water-solubility. The project is a chlorine-wash process. During this process, chlorine also cyclizes and cross-links with natural latex to form a barrier on the surface of the latex glove to prevent protein migration. Chlorination process is usually divided into a chlorine wash and secondary chlorine wash. After the second chlorine wash gloves will be more clean, the amount of powder will be greatly reduced. In order to ensure that the gloves will not leave some solution, after the chlorine wash will go through some follow-up treatment. In the end, after the chlorination process, the friction on the inner surface of the glove will be greatly reduced and the wear will be smoother and smoother and the ultimate goal will be achieved.

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