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What is the difference between latex and vinyl gloves

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What is the difference between latex and vinyl gloves

Latex gloves are made of Natural rubber.They are preferred by healthcare providers when it comes to elasticity,comfort and fitness.Latex gloves are mainly based on Milky white and Beige Color.Pidegree latex gloves’ general gram is M5.0g.

Advantages: durable, stretchable, tasteless, harmless, biodegradable, good elasticity, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant

Applications: medical, food industry, household, industrial and agricultural production, etc. 

Classifications: Medical grade(AQL1. 5), Food and Industrial Grade(AQL2. 5), Industrial Grade(AQL4. 0). 

But to those whom with latex allergy,latex glove is not an ideal option.So they start to search non latex gloves like vinyl gloves.

Vinyl gloves which are made from raw synthetic materials(mainly PVC-Poly Vinyl Chloride and Phthalates DINP plasticizers that makes plastics soft and pliable).Vinyl gloves are mainly based on Blue and Clear color.Pidegree vinyl gloves’ general gram is M4.5g.

Advantages: Latex free with super strength, durability, barrier protection against blood borne pathogens;Cost effective.

Applications: FDA approved for medical use in industries such as medical, dental, childcare, and senior care.


To sum up,the biggest difference between latex and vinyl gloves is their constitution raw materials-making them latex gloves and non latex gloves.

Secondly,on physical properties,vinyl gloves are not as puncture resistance and not elastic enough as latex gloves.That is why latex gloves enjoy a greater popularity than vinyl gloves.  

Thirdly,vinyl gloves are cost effective-cheaper than latex gloves.

The last one,vinyl gloves are not biodegradable,while latex gloves can be.

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