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What is the powder used in vinyl gloves

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What is the powder used in vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves are inexpensive,especially powdered vinyl gloves.They are still the most popular glove choice in many industries.Powdered vinyl gloves are cheaper than powder free one.What's the powder in vinyl gloves?What's the benefit of it?Does it have any bad influence?Let's learn about that via this article.

The powder used in vinyl gloves is Corn Starch.It's harmless.It makes the gloves more easier to put on and take off,as well as preventing the gloves from sticking together.Vinyl gloves are less flexible than latex and nitrile gloves,so the powder in gloves means.

Applications of Powdered Vinyl Gloves

  • Low-risk procedure

  • Food preparation

  • Smaller budgets applications

  • Those with latex allergies

  • Working with non-hazardous 

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