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What is the role of disposable gloves in puncture resistance and tear resistance?

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Puncture resistance:

In different industries, such as medical facilities, auto repair industry, laboratories, etc., will be lifted to sharp objects. Disposable gloves with puncture resistance provide a protective barrier for both hands. Once a sharp or sharp object is encountered, the glove can be “fronted” by the “leader”.

Resist tear:

In fact, the flexibility of the gloves.


In gloves, there is no flexibility. For example, a PE glove does not wear hands when it is worn. PE gloves are too loose, affecting the sensitivity of the hands, there is a feeling of wearing gloves to fall; PVC gloves, almost no flexibility, so the cuffs are done very loose, which leads to the staff in the gloves will be easy to enter the water upset.

In particular, the elastic latex gloves are more likely to be worn when worn for a long time.

Nitrile gloves, which are not as elastic as latex (it is also very flexible), are the most comfortable to wear in these types of gloves.

Having said so much, one word in summary is that puncture-resistant, tear-resistant gloves can provide better protection and comfort to the hands in different industries.

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