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What’s differences among PE CPE TPE Gloves

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What’s differences among PE CPE TPE Gloves

For now, there are regular four types of PE gloves: HDPE, LDPE, CEP, TPE GLOVES.

In the early time, HDPE and LDPE is the main products in food contact in the market.

HDPE gloves texture is harder, LDPE is softer.The weight normally HDPE will make lighter weight , LDPE would be at least around 1G to keep the strongerness.

From 2000, a new PE gloves appreared in the maker, it is CPE gloves .It is heavier, so it is much durable and stronger than HDPE, LDPE gloves .If you found HDPE, LDPE glvoes are easy to be broken, then CPE is a new choice for you, however it is still hard texure. Then 2009, there is a new material PE developed for the new demand--TPE gloves, soft and strong, more of elasticity.

Weight difference:

HDPE:0.6~1G. Regular weight: 0.7G. Weight is lighter, price is cheaper.

LDPE:1~1.2G,regular weight:1G

CPE: 1.6~2.2G, regular weight 1.6G

TPE :1.6~2.2G, regular weight 1.9G


HDPE 0.7 gram are mainly used in daily use, such as food contact, food prepare, garden, labs, a kind of real simple use one time.

LDPE Gloves is softer and shiner. 1.0 gram, 1.1 gram, 1.2 gram is mainly used in hair dye and salon, because it also strong enough, and water proof, water test can be approved AQL 1.5 too. 

CPE Gloves 1.5 gram, 1.6 gram, 1.7 gram, 1.8 gram, 1.9 gram, 2.0 gram are mainly supplied for food factories, can use a whole day and not broken.

TPE Gloves 1.9 gram, 2.0 gram are mainly used in food factories too, and can take place of PVC and Nitrile Gloves, and much cheaper than them!

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