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What's gloves best for beauty salon

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What's gloves best for beauty salon

Workers at beauty salons are frequently in contact with a variety of chemicals from beauty products and substances.Hairsprays, nail polish, and hair dyes all contain potentially harmful chemicals that when handled without gloves,may pose dangers to workers and cause skin irritation or illness.

So if you own or operate a hair salon, cosmetic and personal care salon or spa,or you are a dermatologist, nail technician, hairdresser or beautician,you have a duty to ensure that you safeguard the health and safety of your staff, your customers and yourself.

With their chemical resistance, disposable nitrile gloves are useful in spa and salon settings.We offer a comprehensive range of nitrile gloves with style, color and size variations.Powder-free and textured fingertip options are available.

In addition to the beauty environment, wholesale nitrile gloves can support a full array of workplace applications.While providing protection, they offer optimal comfort and a tactile feel.

Disposable gloves made totally of nitrile resist chemicals to a greater degree than latex or vinyl gloves of similar thicknesses.But it's the highest price among these disposable gloves of latex/vinyl/nitrile gloves.

If you care more at the price, then you also can choose vinyl gloves.They are good for low-risk or short term tasks when dealing with non-hazardous materials.Vinyl gloves are also latex free, which makes them a good option for those with latex sensitivities or allergies.

Besides, if you’re looking for gloves to stand up to acetone and dibutyl phthalate,compared with vinyl, latex glove is your best bet.Acetone can be found in hairspray and nail polish, while dibutyl phthalate is found in nail polish.Both can cause skin irritation if exposed to skin for extended periods of time, making gloves a necessity when dealing with these chemicals.

Meanwhile,it is important to note that latex gloves may cause allergies or sensitivities and to use other glove options such as nitrile and vinyl should clients or workers have latex allergies or sensitivities.

Please contact our friendly sales professionals if you need assistance in ordering quality wholesale gloves.

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