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What's the Difference Between Medical and Non-Medical Gloves?

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What's the Difference Between Medical and Non-Medical Gloves?

Medical and Non-medical grade gloves are two of the biggest categories when it comes to disposable gloves,which are classified into medical gloves and non-medical gloves according to their use.

What is the difference between the medical and non-medical gloves? How do we distinguish?

Medical gloves can be divided into medical-surgical gloves and medical examination gloves according to the scene.

Among them, medical surgical gloves are used in surgical procedures such as various types of surgery, central catheter placement, preparation of the total parenteral nutrient solution, etc.

Medical examination gloves, used in direct or indirect contact with the blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta and articles obviously contaminated by body fluids of the patient.

Non-medical gloves, including food and industrial grade gloves, are widely used in daily work (non-medical work) and daily life to carry out operations that require the protection of the hand, such as industrial manufacturing, cleaning labor insurance, experimental chemistry, or certain operations have hygiene requirements, such as food processing, etc.

Use appearance and packaging information to differentiate medical/non-medical gloves

1. Distinguish by the appearance

Medical gloves are divided into natural rubber gloves, nitrile rubber gloves, polyethylene (PE) gloves, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves.

There are many kinds of non-medical gloves. Besides the above four kinds, there are cloth gloves, leather gloves and so on.

If the gloves are not made of either of these materials, they can be considered non-medical gloves

2. Differentiate by packaging information

Observe whether the words such as "surgical" and "medical/ exam" are included in the packaging information of goods, and whether the medical application scenarios and medical USES are described.

If there is relevant information can be generally determined as medical gloves

3. Distinguish medical/non-medical gloves according to applicable commodity standards

Gloves may be classified as medical/non-medical according to the applicable standards indicated in the package or the test report or certificate provided by the manufacturer.

Two Misconceptions

“Medical Grade gloves can be used in non-medical applications but non-medical Grade gloves should not be used for medical applications.”

Now that we know the difference between Medical Grade gloves and Non-medical Grade gloves lies in a few test results being out of range,we see that these two grades of gloves are very similar and provide fundamentally equal protection.When it comes down to the glove itself, they could be used interchangeable.

But, when it comes down to the FDA Certification, the Medical Grade gloves carry that label which makes them acceptable in surgical and medical applications, while non-medical Grade does not have that certification,

so they would not be approved for use in hospitals. You can easily distinguish medical grade gloves from non-medical gloves by the labeling on the box.

Medical grade gloves will have the word “Exam” clearly visible on the carton wear as non-medical grade gloves will omit the word exam.

“Non-medical especailly Industrial Grade gloves are stronger than Medical Grade.”

We see that people often equate the word “industrial” with “strong”, and this is not necessarily the case.

Industrial Grade gloves are suitable for industrial applications and do not meet the requirements needed to be titled Medical Grade gloves and or exam gloves.

Based on this fact, we know that Industrial Grade gloves are not automatically stronger than Medical Grade gloves.

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