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What should the user consider about gloves?

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What should the user consider about gloves?

When buying Disposable Gloves,what should the users consider firstly?The answer is Size and Comfort.

• Gloves should fit the wearer. Tight gloves can make hands feel tired and lose their grip. Too large gloves can create folds; these can impair your ability to work and be uncomfortable. It can help to use data supplied by manufacturers, such as accurate sizing charts

• Comfortable gloves are more likely to be worn, less likely to be discarded by employees as nuisance value and eventually lead to possible exposure to risk. Involve employees in the selection process and give them a reasonable choice.

• Hands can sweat inside gloves making them uncomfortable to wear. Getting staff to take glove breaks, removing gloves for a minute or so before hands get too hot and sweaty, can help air the hands. You could also consider supplying separate cotton gloves to wear under protective gloves. These can increase comfort by absorbing sweat. Additionally, such liner gloves can be laundered and reused.

Some gloves, such as a seamless, string knit glove, will stretch to fit most hands, but many other gloves are sized specifically for the individual user. Making sure that you’ve got the correct size is simply a matter of grabbing a tape measure (a flexible one, like tailors’ use) and measuring around your hand across the palm, excluding the thumb.

Based on your measurement, then select your glove size. Selecting the correct sized glove is important and it can be done easily with a glove size selection chart. One size will not fit all workers. Employers will have to provide a selection of sizes to meet the requirements of their employees.If the glove is too tight, a reusable glove can’t be put on or taken off easily.

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