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When should you use disposable latex gloves?

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When should you use disposable latex gloves?

What are Latex gloves

Latex gloves are made from natural rubber, they are very soft and wear comfortable. Latex material are elastic, with Strong tensile strength, superior puncture resistance.

Why wear gloves

Protection: Latex gloves provide excellent protection against chemical and blood-borne biological threats.

When to use Latex Gloves?

Food Service

Food preparation is much safer operation after wearing latex gloves.

Gloves are benefit food service worker from chapped and dry skin. It’s a good protection to our hand.

Health Care

Healthcare professionals world wide are using disposable gloves. The Late gloves provide a good barrier between skin and biohazard. Something like blood, urine, feces, and saliva are included. Latex gloves serve a dual purpose of protecting patients from cross-contamination.

Many other professions take advantage of the protective nature of latex. These include EMTs, firefighters, first responders,sanitation worker, and police officers.


There are over than 700 hundreds different types of bacteria inside a typical human mouth, this natural microflora is essential for a healthy. These bacteria are harmless, but the possibility of infection still exists after a cut.

There are other industries that also need latex gloves, for instance Veterinary, Tattoo Shops,Auto Repair.

The Allergy Issue

Disposable latex gloves are made from the natural rubber. This material is biodegradable, but contains proteins which carry antigens (or allergy-inducing toxins). Therefore it may caused allergic reaction in some individuals.People who are allergic to latex gloves can choose Nitrile or Vinyl as a substitute.

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