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Where can I buy Disposable Gloves?

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Where can I buy Disposable Gloves?

Malaysia and China are a leading sourcing destination for medical gloves including latex and Nitrile and Vinyl. Glove Manufacturers produce these gloves in both powdered and un-powdered forms under European CE Certification and ISO 13485.

Medical gloves are available mainly in two types namely examination and surgical gloves. Both of them are designed to provide safety, greater control and finer sensitivity to the wearer.

However, surgical gloves are designed for high-risk orthopaedics, trauma, and cardiac procedures and allow dry and damp donning as well as intra-operative changes while examination gloves are mainly used for general medical practices, nursing, and dentistry or Food Industry Areas.

Since there is a global shortage of medical gloves around the world due to the COVID - 19 pandemic, global medical organizations have strictly advised non-medical personnel to limit the use of medical gloves. If you are looking to limit skin contact due to COVID-19 please consider opting for safety gloves instead. 


As we all know Nitrile gloves are the best for Medical areas, the price is absolutely not cheap. China owns the largest production lines for Nitrile and the quality is under the best control all over the world. If the price is not acceptable for you, we suggest Vinyl for you. It is a good alternative for Nitrile since the price cheaper and delivery time fast now. As well TPE and CPEHDPE, LDPE are also good choice. Latex is also good and the largest production lines are in Malaysia. But as for the coronavirus broke out there three months ago, the production volume is limited now and delivery time also long comparing with other gloves.


However, l am sure you can find the best right kind to suit your purpose. Any questions, welcome to contact Pidegree Medical.

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