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Which easy to use between food grade latex gloves, nitrile gloves and PVC gloves?

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Through the food contact safety test, with the certificate issued by the authority, this kind of gloves can be called food-grade gloves. Generally, latex, nitrile and PVC gloves have food grade products. So, these three kinds of gloves used in the food industry, what kind of gloves is more easy to use? Here we analyze.
The first is a latex glove, the glove with the longest history, is loved by the general public for its soft feel and superb elasticity plus natural environmental protection. However, in the food industry, latex gloves have some limitations. For example, it is slightly less oil resistant to nitrile gloves, so when dealing with some fresh meats, nitrile gloves are more suitable.

latex gloves 1.jpg

The food-grade nitrile gloves in the food industry is widely used, because it is resistant to oil wear, tear, puncture ability, but also made of a variety of colors, including the so-called "food safety color" blue . A variety of colors in the food processing applications, can help color management, to better ensure food safety. So, in food processing, nitrile gloves more versatile, but also more suitable.

blue glove nitrile.jpg

Finally, pvc gloves, it is light and loose, easy to wear off, coupled with wear-resistant, tear-resistant performance is weaker than the above two, more suitable for food processing where frequent replacement is required.
The above is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of these three glove food applications, apparently more excellent nitrile gloves, food processing is worth the use of safety tools.

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