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Which kind of disposable gloves has a strong grip?

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At present, the lineup of disposable gloves on the market is mainly disposable nitrile gloves, disposable latex gloves, disposable PVC gloves and disposable PE gloves.
The grip of a glove depends mainly on the adhesive properties of the glove material itself. From the actual use, it was found that the nitrile, latex and PVC gloves are more sticky and can provide users with better grip.
In some use-intensive environments, such as laboratories, dental clinics, and surgical operations, more precise and subtle power is required, so the gloves can be made to be pockmarked. As shown in the picture below:

This subtle matt design can increase the power of the fingertips and reduce the error rate of subtle operations.
Of course, there is also the design of palm hemp, which is similar to the design concept of fingernail hemp. In actual applications, you can choose according to your own situation.

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