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Why Nitrile Gloves are popular during epidemic

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Why Nitrile Gloves are popular during epidemic

During this epidemic, most people asked about nitrile gloves, but what about nitrile gloves? Why is it popular in the market at this time?

Let me take you into the world of nitrile gloves today.


Nitrile gloves --The latest generation of gloves in the world.

Material: Synthetic rubber, synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene.

Advantages: Allergy-free, degradable, pigments can be added, the color is brighter, oil-resistant, with better anti-puncture ability, anti-bacterial penetration ability, chemical resistance ability, and lasting wearability.


Nitrile gloves are made of high-quality synthetic rubber, which is not easy to cause allergies. It is the first choice for people who are allergic to latex proteins or have sensitive skin. Nitrile gloves are more permanently shaped than latex.They can perfectly remember hand movements, and will not feel fatigue when worn for a long time.Nitrile gloves have puncture resistance, can establish a protective barrier on the surface of the hands of medical staff, and reduce the possibility of partial skin scratches on hands by medical devices.


Many countries now need to purchase nitrile gloves to fight the epidemic. Nitrile gloves, as a new type of synthetic rubber gloves, are the trend of the future glove market. As can be seen from this epidemic, the market's demand for nitrile gloves is very large, and it can be seen from its characteristics It was so popular during this epidemic.


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