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Why TPE gloves is the best alternative to vinyl gloves

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Why TPE gloves is the best alternative to vinyl gloves

With great tensile strength and stretchability, TPE Gloves are a fantastic alternative to Vinyl Gloves. Also TPE gloves are excellent alternative for vinyl gloves since they’re less expensive. 

Additionally, these disposable gloves are chemical resistance, powder-free and latex-free, keto-handling, and made from 100% Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). 

These TPE gloves are easy to wear and keep your hands clean and free of odors.

No matter what industry you serve, the PPE you use must stand up to challenging conditions and provide reliable protection. 

At the same time, many jobs require workers to wear PPE for the majority of the work day, so gloves should also be comfortable and allow for a normal range of movement. 

Both of our Vinyl and TPE gloves meet expectations for both protection and comfort.

The benefits of our disposable TPE gloves include:

High elasticity: Comprised of high-quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material, our gloves offer superior stretch for a comfortable fit. TPE’s flexibility means the wearer will have complete range of motion while working.

Versatile design: We offer our disposable TPE gloves in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, so you can find PPE to comfortably fit all your employees. 

The gloves are also ambidextrous and unisex, so you won’t need to worry about matching pairs or keeping multiple types of gloves on hand. 

You can use these waterproof and liquid-proof gloves for a range of applications.

Lightweight: TPE gloves tend to weigh less in grams than gloves manufactured from other materials, such as cast polyethylene (CPE) and latex. 

Lighter gloves are economical and comfortable. Our TPE gloves have a grammage of 1.7-2.5G/PC.

Color options: Our thermoplastic elastomer gloves come in three color options — clear, blue. 

Offering gloves in different colors allows us to serve customers who use color coding to prevent cross-contamination and enhance safety.

TPE gloves are widely used in hair salons, home cleaning, food processing, painting, pet care, clean room workshops etc.

TPE gloves are high-end disposable plastic gloves with fine embossing, no sticking, soft touch and no sliding.

Moreover, TPE gloves can protect and wear with different pattern blocks designed according to the mold, and the design of palm rubber blocks makes the grasping force strong.

TPE polymer gloves are environmentally friendly and odorless. 

They do not contain halogen, heavy metal, plasticizer and other harmful substances. 

They will not produce allergic reactions when in contact with the skin.It can be used instead of vinyl gloves.

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