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Why We Do Not Use Latex Gloves in First Aid Kits

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In the first aid course, we discuss cross-contamination issues and always recommend wearing gloves to protect yourself when managing casualties. Over the years, we have also pointed out that these gloves should be non-latex, ie nitrile or vinyl gloves. Cause many people are allergic to latex. The story behind this is worth discussing.

First of all, we need to pay attention to the general three types:

Nitrile - These gloves can be of any color (usually purple or blue) and are completely airtight for body fluids and feces. These are the most recommended gloves for contact with the wounded. This material can also be used to handle chemical spills. Nitrile gloves are also the most expensive.

Latex - usually white gloves, usually treated with powder to make them easier to get up and down. These drugs are not widely used due to the general phenomenon of allergy to latex, but latex allergy is rarely life-threatening.

Vinyl - Vinyl gloves are available in some kits; they should not be used in contact with body fluids or feces. They should primarily be used to touch victims who have no external body fluids or feces due to the high fracture rate of the gloves. For this reason, some organizations recommend not placing them in the first aid kit because of the risk of confusion.

Latex allergy

Natural rubber latex (NRL) proteins have the potential to cause asthma and dermatitis. More severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis, are also possible.

Proteins naturally present in NRL cause allergies by direct contact with the skin or by inhalation of powder from powdered latex gloves.

What is the cause of latex allergy?

The introduction of universal precautions in the late 1980s required health care workers to protect themselves from the risk of cross-contamination of blood-borne pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis B. This has led to a huge demand for latex gloves that are met through changes. In some manufacturers' practice, high protein inspection gloves enter the market). This is considered to be the main reason for the increase in the number of medical personnel who are allergic to latex (NRL). At the same time, the incidence of sensitivity to general allergies in the general population has been irrelevant and significantly increased over the past 30 years.

Who is the most risky?

The highest risk of latex (NRL) is:

People who regularly wear latex gloves in occupations where disposable gloves are used frequently, such as auto mechanics, care workers, catering, hairdressing and electronics workers

Individuals undergoing multiple surgical procedures (some studies report that up to 65% of children with spina bifida are sensitive to NRL)

People with a history of food allergies such as bananas, avocados, kiwis and chestnuts

People with general allergies

About 1-6% of the general population is thought to be sensitive to latex (NRL), although not all sensitive individuals will develop symptoms.

First aid gloves and barrier equipment

Protecting yourself is a top priority for any first aid person. Minimizing risk is essential. One of the main risks for first responders is body fluids such as blood, vomit, urine and feces, all of which pose a risk of cross-contamination. Body fluids and feces can carry infections and diseases including, but not limited to, HIV and hepatitis.

he first major tool to help avoid this risk is a pair of impervious gloves. Gloves protect the key points of contact with the victim (hand), allowing you to work safer. They not only protect body fluids and feces, but also protect against any skin infections or parasites that the victim may have.

The first thing the first aider should do when approaching or going to the victim is to wear gloves.

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