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Why are latex gloves powdered

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Powdered latex gloves is widely used many industries today.But why are latex gloves powdered?Let’s learn more about it.

What are powdered latex gloves

Powdered latex gloves are gloves that with cornstarch inside.The powders are applied to gloves near the end of the manufacturing process.After the gloves are dipped in the glove materials and excess proteins and other residues are removed through the leaching process,the gloves are powdered before they are stripped from their forms.


The reasons for latex gloves being powdered

1. The powder is applied in the glove to make it easier to take on and off,especially in busy locations that require workers to replace gloves quickly.

2. The powder can prevent gloves from sticking together,which can keep the gloves in good shape.

3. Powders in the gloves will keep your hand dry and comfortable.


Tips for using powdered latex gloves

Powdered latex gloves are not suitable for all applications and these whom with latex allergies.In 2016,FDA banned powdered medical/exam gloves due to concerns about patient sensitivity or allergies.In food service locations,there have also been concerns raised about powder from powdered latex gloves sticking to hands,clothing or surfaces after removal and causing contamination.However,outside of these applications,powdered latex gloves are found in many industries.

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