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Why is there a growing demand for latex gloves

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Why is there a growing demand for latex gloves

What are latex gloves?

Latex gloves are disposable gloves made from natural rubber, it’s a biodegradable material made of material originating from the latex ducts of rubber trees. This material gives latex gloves their elasticity ,dexterity and form fitting material for gloves. The appearance of many latex gloves has kept his natural white, Some latex gloves after chlorination color change to beige.

Advantages of latex gloves

The main raw material of latex gloves is natural rubber, This gives latex gloves superior elasticity and gives the wearer a great deal of dexterity, tactility, and comfort making these gloves perfect for medical, auto repair and food service applications.

Latex gloves can come in a variety of thicknesses for durability from punctures and tears. They have powered, lightly powdered and powder-free, Meet the needs of different people. The powder inside latex gloves is cornstarch and used for easily slipping the gloves on your hands.

With the outbreak and spread of COVID-19,more people in different industries need to wear gloves at work to reduce the spread of germs. Latex gloves has the advantage of sensitivity,dexterity and comfort, so that more people like him.

What are Latex Gloves Used For?

Latex gloves have long been popular power players among disposable gloves, latex remains a popular glove material for its comfort, stretchability, and tactile sensitivity. That makes latex gloves popular with healthcare workers. Especially surgical gloves--few materials can match the dexterity and tactile sensitivity of a latex glove.

This is important for jobs that require extreme precision, for instance surgery. That said, even ordinary doctors use latex gloves frequently. Even routine physical exams require tactile sensitivity,In this regard, latex has an absolute advantage, are hard to beat.

In addition to the medical industry, latex gloves are also popular in non-medical industries, Such as Food processing, bakeries, Janitorial & Sanitation,laboratory,auto repair.

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