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Why nitrile gloves is better than latex gloves

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Why nitrile gloves is better than latex gloves

Nitrile gloves are made of nitrile rubber that are synthetic and latex free ,while latex gloves which are made with nature rubber nitrile gloves, offer a variety of benefits that natural latex rubber gloves cannot. Below listed the top five advantages

1. Best tear and High puncture resistance: nitrile is 3-4 times more puncture resistent compared to latex . Puncture-resistance is essential for PPE because a hole in a disposable rubber glove could expose the wearer to concerning environmental contaminants.

2. Superior chemical resistance: Along with more puncture resistance, nitrile gloves has superior chemical resistance than latex gloves. Nitrile gloves can help keep the wearer safe from chemicals, acids and oils by serving as a strong barrier of protection.

3. 100% Latex-free: nitrile gloves are latex-free and suitable for anyone with a latex allergy or sensitive skin. Latex-free gloves are particularly favored in medical settings in which healthcare professionals must be considerate of patients who may have a latex allergy. Exclusively wearing hypoallergenic gloves can help healthcare workers avoid accidentally causing an allergic reaction in a patient.

4. More comfortable fit: Nitrile is a superior material that allows the user to retain their sense of touch. This mean it enables the glove user to feel and manipulate objects easily in their hands. This more natural fit gives the wearer greater dexterity to complete tasks efficiently as well as comfort to keep the gloves on for extended amounts of time.

5. Easier to put on and take off: Nitrile rubber gloves have a lower resistance to friction than natural rubber latex gloves, which makes nitrile gloves easier to don and doff. During the manufacturing process for nitrile gloves, finishes are applied to make putting on and removing the disposable gloves go more smoothly. This finish means using powder to help the gloves slide on isn’t necessary with nitrile gloves, eliminating the chance of creating a mess of powdery residue.

Nitrile gloves are suitable PPE for applications in a variety of industries. The disposable gloves give the wearer dependable hand protection from a range of potential hazards, including cuts, liquids and abrasive materials.

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