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Why powder free disposable gloves are more expensive than powdered?

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Why powder free disposable gloves are more expensive than powdered?

A customer asks me right now about why powder free disposable gloves are more expensive than powdered. In order to find the answer, let us know the different of them first.


The Pros of Powdered Gloves?

 Powdered design makes donning easier
 More affordable than their powder-free counterparts
 More comfortable especially on a hot day
 Remind you to replace your gloves regularly
 Reduce sweating as powder soaks up the starch

The Cons: When to Buy Powder-Free Gloves Instead

 You work with food or in mechanics
 You require stronger disposable gloves
 You require gloves that might need two layers

 You require gloves with wet, oil and chemical resistance


The Pros of Powder-Free Gloves

 Super strong and durable for tougher industries
 More versatile with food, chemical, oil and water resistance
 Powder-free design reduces contamination risk (ideal for food use!)
 More skin friendly than powdered gloves
 High level of grip and dexterity for handling and tricky work

The Cons: When to Buy Powdered Instead

 You work in fast paced sweaty environments
 You want to cut costs
 You suffer from sweat related problems
 You value comfort over anything



After knowing all the above, l think you have know more about them actually.

Powder-free gloves are also more expensive than powdered gloves due to the extra effort involved in the chlorination process, powder free production procedure is more complicated.It needs to be done to remove the powder coating from the glove. Another reason is that customers want powder free are less than that for powdered, and most of time all the production lines are for powdered.


As powder-free gloves come with a reduced contamination risk, they are popular within the food industries too. Finally, powder-free gloves usually come with better resistance to chemicals, water and oil.


Powdered gloves are popular within healthcare and fast paced industries because they are comfortable, reduce sweating and are easy to don. If you want something a bit stronger and with resilience to things such as water, oil and chemicals, then we would recommend choosing powder-free instead. Welcome to Pidegree Medical for more details. Website is www.pidegreegroup.com.

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