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You can not know a few tips on disposable gloves

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You can not know a few tips on disposable gloves

   Disposable gloves for the wearer not only effective separation of contaminants, bacteria and other harmful substances, but also to some extent, to avoid cross-infection between people, to provide bi-directional protection weapon.
Wear disposable gloves is a learned skill to master the following tips, you can become a semi-expert.
Secret 1, select the appropriate size.
Suitable glove size, so that the hand comfort, improve flexibility of hand, protect the safety of the wearer. Too tight, gloves easily puncture or tear; too loose, gloves prone to wrinkles, affecting grip.
Select the appropriate glove tips:
After wearing, straight fingers, gloves are stretched or damaged occurs between the thumb and the palm of your hand, indicating little gloves too.
The following points should not be overlooked:
A. glove selection to a clean place. For example, in the laboratory, gloves should stay away from harmful chemicals.
B. Remove all the decorations on hand.
C. Wash and dry your hands. Unclean hands can contaminate gloves inside.
Example: The doctor did not wash your hands, the hands of the physician or other chemicals patient bacteria affect other patient safety.
Peru 3, wear gloves.
A. The key point is that the wearer should avoid contact with bare hands gloves outside.
B. Wear, the glove by touching the outside to make it more fit.
Peru 4, practice tests truth.
Master secret to wear gloves, the best way is to participate in practice, oh.
Of course, you wear gloves in the process may encounter some difficulties. Ai Masi has been thinking of you, friends. Here are a few key Tips:
Not easily wear gloves on how to do?
   First, check whether your hands washed and dried;
   Secondly, try wearing a powder-free gloves. Relatively speaking, there are wearing pink gloves will be more convenient and more comfortable.
   Pidegree Gloves has powder-free gloves, and are based on natural materials, such as food-grade corn starch. Powdered gloves warm sweat easily the most suitable environment for wear; but it is not suitable for use in procedures with special requirements, such as: the powder particles will reduce the tightness of some automotive seals and affect the car's color and polishing .
  Finally, stringent process requirements, you can choose powder-free gloves by coating polymer processing, it can be substituted with pink gloves, worn not only convenient, while reducing the stickiness of the surface of the glove. But he honors disposable gloves community.

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