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disposable gloves are also divided into thin and thick sections

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disposable gloves are also divided into thin and thick sections

Everyone has come into contact with disposable gloves, in our lives, everywhere can see its shadow.
Food sales staff to customers try to eat, will wear transparent disposable PE gloves; moving company staff in the handling of furniture, will wear disposable cotton gloves; cleaning staff in the clean-up of public health, will wear disposable rubber gloves. ..
With the increasingly sophisticated glove technology, for the needs of different industries, disposable gloves have also carried out a lot of subdivision.
From the material can be divided into: nitrile, latex, PVC and PE gloves;
From the presence of powder can be divided into: a powder glove and no powder gloves;
From the applicable industry can be divided into: food-grade gloves, medical gloves …

Many people do not want to wear disposable gloves, because it is troublesome, despise it’s bulky and wear off the steps to bring the inconvenience. In fact, disposable gloves are also divided into thin and thick sections.
Thin gloves: refers to the hand of the skin, wearing a second layer of skin like the hand, no sense of weight, suitable for some of the relatively high demand for the industry. For example: food industry, chemical laboratories.
Thicker gloves: also known as durable gloves. This type of glove puncture resistance, tear resistance, not easy to damage, the hands play a good protective performance, it also increased economic and durable, suitable for work when the need to replace the glove industry. For example: heavy industry, auto repair industry.

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