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removing your disposable gloves

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Approximately 20 million Americans get sick from norovirus each year. The major cause of these outbreaks is contaminated foods – 54% involved food workers touching ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands.

Whether you’re working in the food service industry, medicine or pharmaceuticals, disposable gloves are meant to be a barrier between your skin and harmful substances. The idea is that these single-use items can be used, removed and thrown away without worrying about contamination.

But the way that you remove your gloves off plays a big part in making sure that contamination stays on the glove.

Properly removing your gloves — also called ‘doffing’ — is a vital part in keeping you safe. This 7 step infographic shows you how to correctly remove disposable gloves.

Doffing expert pro tip: Practice these steps with new gloves to eliminate the possibility of contamination.


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