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5 things that sensitive skin need to know when using disposable gloves

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5 things that sensitive skin need to know when using disposable gloves

Disposable gloves are becoming more and more prevalent in our daily life and workplace since people's awareness of hand protection has been highly strenghtened.Redardless of your usages,you have to know the gloves' material.Especially,if you have a sensitive skin,you have to take more attention on choosing right gloves' material and how to use them properly.Here in this article,I have listed 5 points that sensitive skin have to know when using the disposable gloves.


This is the first and most important one.Latex gloves are made by 100% natural latex rubber.They are soft and elastic but not friendly to those whom with latex allergy.Remember not to choose this kind of gloves if you have sensitive skin.We would recommend nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves,they are latex free and allergy free.Pidegree Medical offers high quality nitirle gloves and vinyl gloves for your choices.

Pick the Powder-Free Gloves

Most of the manufacturers will made both powdered and powder free disposable gloves.But gloves with powder inside will increase the irritation and redness,so it's better to choose powder free gloves rather than powdered gloves if you have sensitive skin.Pidegree Medical only offers powder free nitrile gloves.It's a great option for you.

Find the Right Size of Gloves

Too tight or too loose gloves will not only cause irritation and redness,but also reduce the gloves' properties.So choose the right size of gloves before using them.

Replace Your Gloves More Often

Don't not wear gloves for a long time.Replace your gloves every two hours for your hands to breathable.

Wash Up Your Hands Before Putting On Gloves

Wash up your hans and dry them before you wear the gloves.This will make your hands comfortable and reduce the allergic action.

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