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Adult care in nursing homes

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Adult care in nursing homes

For elderly people who can not take care of their own, the nursing home is an important resource that can be used. In the future, the demand for long-term care institutions may increase as babies born in the baby boom began to require such services. According to data from the American Family Caregiver Union, it is expected that by 2050, older people who need long-term care services will reach 27 million (this figure) is twice as much as in 2000. The organization also pointed out that people over the age of 85 are the fastest growing population, estimated at 2050 will reach 19 million.

Older care institutions have a huge demand for disposable gloves and other protective equipment, and in many respects are similar to day care centers.

Elderly care institutions are independent living institutions, from rinse to feed, every nursing step to employees to deal with. In these institutions, nurses, guardians, food workers, and even gardener all need to wear gloves. As these institutions improve the quality of care, more staff are required, resulting in the need for more gloves.

"Measures to improve care quality may increase the demand for employees."

It is important to wear disposable gloves for nursing staff in nursing homes. Because the treatment of the patient's wounds have the risk of transmission and infection of blood-borne pathogens, so employees should wear a good check gloves. In this case, the staff should avoid using powder gloves. Because the powder may affect the healing of the wound. Pidegree nitrile exam gloves is a good choice for staff. This kind of glove has several different colors that help to classify the management. Businesses can purchase different colors for different sizes so that employees can quickly find their own gloves.

In the nursing home, many processes are carried out at the same time. When the nurse and the doctor are washing or checking the patient, the canteen staff is busy preparing the meal while the cleaning staff is cleaning the corridor, the bathroom or the restaurant. All of these people need to wear (wear) disposable gloves as a protective barrier. As the restaurant staff need to wear gloves to prevent the spread of foodborne diseases; and cleaners need to protect their own (hands) from chemicals and blood-borne pathogens (hazards). The gardener also needs a protective barrier to protect itself from turf and chemical damage in the garden.

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