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What's medical gloves

March 16, 2022

Medical gloves are defined as disposable gloves used during medical procedures; they include:1. Examination gloves ( non sterile or sterile)2. Surgical gloves that have specific characteristics of thickness, elasticity and strength and are sterile3. Chemotherapy gloves - these gloves are not address

Disposable Medical Gloves Market Analysis

May 30, 2020

Disposable Medical Gloves market worldwide is projected to grow by US$2.8 billion, driven by a compounded growth of 6.1%. Examination Gloves, one of the segments analyzed and sized in this study, displays the potential to grow at over 5.9%.

Medical Glove

June 04, 2018

Medical gloves are disposable gloves used in medical examinations and procedures to help prevent cross-contamination between caregiver and patient. Medical gloves are made of different polymers, including latex, nitrile, polyvinyl chloride, and neoprene; they can become dull, or chalked with corn st

How manufacturers detect the quality of disposable medical glove?

May 08, 2018

Given the many uses for disposable medical glove, they must undergo rigorous inspection before they are ready for sale. In the automotive, janitorial-sanitation and agricultural industries, workers deal with a number of harsh chemicals, which means the gloves they wear must be proven to provide the

How to Choose the Right Medical Gloves?

March 23, 2018

A Guide to Choosing the Right Medical Gloves.The word glove comes from Old Norse, 'glofi'. The origin of the word suggests that Norse warriors or Vikings used gloves. From early times gloves have been made for a variety of purposes and this is as true of medical gloves today.

The growth trend of the medical industry

February 28, 2018

Did you know workers in the medical and dental industries use an average of 15 pairs of disposable gloves each day? That’s 3,960 pairs a year!

The difference between sterilized gloves and non-sterile gloves

August 15, 2017

Health care workers often wear medical gloves when examining or treating patients. The purpose of doing so is to isolate and prevent the spread of germs, protect the health care workers hand and physical health, both doctors and patients to establish a good protective barrier.In the field of experti

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