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How to avoid braving life to see the teeth? You just need to see here ...

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For the dentist, they are most often contact with the patient's saliva, blood, related health measures handled properly, it will cause harm to doctors and patients.

  • dental gloves

  • dental gloves

How to put this "risk of life to see the teeth," the risk reduced to a minimum, or even zero? It is important to do comprehensive precautions!
Comprehensive prevention and control rules include: unified standards, a unified process. Dentists not only to do all the disinfection and sterilization of dental equipment, but also to focus on routine protection of standardization!
Mainly the following:
1, before treatment, medical staff should be strictly wear medical disposable gloves, masks, hats and protective clothing. Wash hands before disinfection of patients;
2, for the diagnosis and treatment of different patients, you must use a new disposable gloves and disinfection of clean equipment;
3, in the course of treatment, medical staff to wear gloves can not touch the treatment of unrelated utensils, must ensure that all appliances are sterilized or new;
4, after the end of treatment, all used medical equipment immediately discarded, or into the recycling area.

  • medical disposable gloves

  • medical disposable gloves

From which we found: in medical protective equipment, disposable medical gloves use frequency is very high.
The doctor's hand, as a direct contact with the patient's oral media, easy to carry or spread the disease and bacteria, affecting the health of both doctors and patients.
And the correct cleaning of both hands, can only wash away most of the bacteria, can not completely eliminate the hands of micro-organisms; once the hands are not completely clean, hand residual substances will also have an impact on health and health. In view of the oral surgeon on a high frequency of working conditions can not ensure that his hands are completely clean, wearing disposable gloves has become the best choice for both doctors and patients.
Dentists need such gloves:
1. Select a glove with a medical logo
In the dental field, the most frequently used is a one-time medical examination gloves (hereinafter referred to as inspection gloves), generally used to check the patient's mouth or skin surface. As a kind of medical gloves, check gloves must have CFDA certificate (or record number).
CFDA standards are more stringent, the constraints of many conditions to meet the requirements of the inspection gloves in order to establish an important protective barrier between doctors and patients.
For checking the thickness of the glove, CFDA has a provision: the smooth part of the glove can not be less than 0.08mm, the noodles can not be less than 0.11mm. (Technical reference parameters: 9-inch medium latex gloves and nitrile gloves per gram weight were not less than 6 grams and 4.6 grams)
However, only the thickness of this one standard, the market to meet the norms of the inspection gloves are rare.

2. Choose puncture-resistant, tear-resistant gloves
Dentists are often exposed to a lot of sharp medical devices (eg, toothpicks, teeth, dental instruments, etc.) when checking for patients. In order to reduce the damage rate of gloves, to prevent the doctor's hand was scratched and infected with the virus and other risks, gloves, puncture resistance, tear resistance is particularly important.

3. Choose to wear comfortable gloves
In the case of a patient's examination or surgery, the dentist replicates a single action for a long time, his hands are prone to fatigue or local paralysis. Nitrile gloves unique automatic memory hand function, long wear is not easy fatigue, durable and comfortable. Recommended by the majority of dentists.
In addition, wearing comfortable, close to the gloves, but also help to improve the dentist's hand sensitivity, improve hand fatigue.

4. Choose no powder gloves
In the past, there are pink gloves easy to wear, popular people favor. Later, due to gloves added talcum powder or pine pine spore powder can cause postoperative infection and other diseases, surgical gloves gradually out of the market. Instead of powdery gloves.

  • dental latex gloves

  • dental vinyl gloves

With the gloves process constantly updated, the introduction of polymer coating and chlorine washing two kinds of powder to the process, making powder gloves are more and more easy to wear, reducing the probability of medical malpractice. March 22, 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a notice that the proposed ban on medical powder gloves in the United States. I believe that the domestic government will soon introduce a corresponding restrictions on the policy to protect the safety of medical workers.

For dentists, not only to focus on the study of oral diagnosis and treatment technology, should be faced with the risks in the profession, and actively improve the personal protective awareness of their own and the patient is responsible.
Pidegree as a dentist behind the protective force, quietly waiting for every dentist and patient health.v

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