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How to use disposable Vinyl/Latex/Nitrile/PE gloves safely?

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How to use disposable Vinyl/Latex/Nitrile/PE gloves safely?

Nowadays, if you’ve entered a grocery store recently, you will probably see shoppers donning gloves besides masks. Maybe you’ve even worn them yourself, as a safeguard against the 2019-nCoV. But like any protective covering, they won’t necessarily keep you safe if you’re not using them correctly. Think about them as condoms for your hands, except with a significantly higher error rate. In other words, those disposable gloves won’t do anything if you’re using them wrong.


Make sure your gloves fit well

Gloves that are too tight or too loose will be dangerous. If too tight, it will break, raising the risk of exposure; and if too loose, will slide around, which can also render you vulnerable.How to measure your hand and choose the right size of gloves,you can learn from:


Change them often

The only way gloves are effective is if you change them as often as you should wash or sanitize your hands. If you touch your phone with your gloves and use them to touch your face, the phone germs are now on your face. Once you’ve touched a surface with your glove, think of it as a compromised layer of skin that you need to remove before you touch something else you want to remain uncontaminated.


Safely remove disposable gloves

Safely removing your gloves involves a special technique that prevents them from making any contact with your skin, and bunches them into a neat bundle for disposal.


Safely dispose of them

That doesn’t mean tossing them on the sidewalk. Doing so might put wildlife at risk, or lead someone else to pick them up. If an outdoor trash can isn’t accessible, keep them bagged up in your car in the meantime.


Do not reuse them

You should treat disposable gloves like condoms, since their effectiveness wanes the more you use them.

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