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The difference between sterilized gloves and non-sterile gloves

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The difference between sterilized gloves and non-sterile gloves

Health care workers often wear medical gloves when examining or treating patients. The purpose of doing so is to isolate and prevent the spread of germs, protect the health care workers hand and physical health, both doctors and patients to establish a good protective barrier.

In the field of expertise, laboratory sterilization gloves, medical gloves can be divided into: sterile gloves and non-sterile gloves. What is the difference between these two gloves?        

medical gloves

medical gloves

First of all, medical gloves must contain FDA food and drug safety certification. After having this industry qualification certificate, medical gloves that are not strictly sterilized are called non-sterile medical gloves.

The sterilization gloves, as the name suggests, is in the glove production process, the use of sterilization technology, medical gloves. Available glove sterilization techniques on the market include: ethylene oxide and gamma rays. Sterile gloves are suitable for use in operating rooms and other medical places with high health safety requirements. Common medical sterilization gloves include sterilization gloves and sterile surgical gloves. Some medical staff will also wear two sterile surgical gloves during surgery, in order to ensure their own and the safety of patients.

In addition to the sterilization technology in the production process, laboratory sterilization gloves are also more stringent than non-sterile gloves, usually using a single independent packaging, portable health at the same time, to avoid the use of cross-infection, Personnel to provide double protection.

Laboratory sterilization gloves, is undoubtedly to provide health care workers more healthy, health, safety protection. Now, do you understand the difference between sterilized gloves and non-sterile gloves?

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