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What are Vinyl Gloves?

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What are Vinyl Gloves?

Vinyl gloves ,also called PVC Gloves,are made of polyvinyl chloride. Gloves contains no Latex and no allergens, low ion content, no plasticizer.

Vinyl gloves are smooth surface. It provide a good touch and flexibility , some of vinyl gloves(powdered vinyl gloves) are with less powder and easy to wear.

Most of vinyl gloves are Clear color. Along with the popular demand Vinyl Gloves also has the blue/ black/Yellow/Green color.


What function do vinyl gloves have? Why choose vinyl disposable gloves?

Vinyl Gloves do have lots of applications and can be employed for basic household cleanup tasks or light industrial work. These could include washing dishes, using common cleaning chemicals or having to put the hands in contact with hair dyes. Some people don gloves when they handle raw meat, and when the gloves fit properly, they do protect the hands from direct exposure to various things that might create illness or cause skin breakout.

Therefore, vinyl gloves are versatility and can provide dependable protection. What's more,vinyl gloves are cost-effective. Many people will choose them after considering their budget and the applications.

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