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Are Nitrile Gloves Heat Resistant? - Gloves Facts You Should Know - Pidegree

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Are Nitrile Gloves Heat Resistant? - Gloves Facts You Should Know - Pidegree

Whether at work or in our daily lives, our hands are always exposed to various risks. Disposable gloves can help us get rid of many potential problems.

Hand burns are one of the most common risks. How can you avoid burns during cooking, laboratory research or industrial processing?

The following questions about nitrile gloves come out that can they keep our hands from burning in hot environments? At what temperature can they work properly?

Let's read on and reveal the answer!

What are Nitrile Gloves?

Let's start with a brief understanding of nitrile gloves.

Nitrile gloves are made from butadiene and acrylonitrile. They are extracted from natural latex and become nitrile compounds by removing latex proteins.

The processed nitrile compound gives nitrile gloves better protective properties than latex gloves. Nitrile gloves have the following key characteristics:

  • Heat resistant

  • Water resistant

  • Anti-static

  • Puncture resistant


What is the operating temperature of nitrile gloves? The answer is -40 to 108 °C (-40 to 226 °F). The superb heat resistance makes them suitable for a variety of applications such as automotive, nuclear, power generation, food processing, medical, and aerospace.

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Do Nitrile Gloves Protect Our Hands Well in Hot Environments?

Well, we can't ignore the fact that disposable nitrile gloves do provide a barrier for our hands, but our skin is not nitrile.

Well, the answer is that nitrile gloves can protect our hands in hot environments for a very short period of time. The high temperature is bearable for the glove itself, but it is a severe physiological challenge for the human body.

If you need to work for long periods of time, disposable gloves will not be the choice for you.

Disposable nitrile gloves are usually between 2 mil to 9 mil thick and cannot constantly block heat outside. That means if you feel too hot to touch, don't or you will burn your hands quickly even donning nitrile gloves.

However, disposable nitrile gloves can still help us work better in many jobs, such as cooking, laboratory research, industry, etc.


Disposable gloves can provide us with protection against punctures, water, heat and bacteria. Although they are not outstandingly heat resistant, they do improve our productivity in hot environments and are increasingly popular in many industries for this reason.

Pidegree offers disposable nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves for industrial, medical and food service for all your needs in high temperature environments. Please feel free to contact us and get your quote!

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