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  • Q 1. Are latex gloves made from natural rubber latex?

    A Yes, latex gloves are made from natural rubber derived from the sap of rubber trees, 'Haven Braziliensis', of which can be found commonly in Malaysia.
    These species of rubber trees are known to produce high quality latex with minimal dirt and other chemical contents, which is essential in producing high quality gloves.

  • Q 2. What is the extractable protein and powder level in your gloves?

    A For our powder gloves, extractable protein level is less than 200 microgram/dm? while powder level is below 10 milligram/dm? As for our powder-free gloves,
    extractable protein level is less than 50 microgram/dm? while powder level is below 2 milligram/glove.

  • Q 3. What are the difference between chlorinated and polymer coated latex powder free gloves?

    A Latex Chlorinated Powder Free is light yellow in color and Latex Polymer Powder Free is milky white color. The protein level of chlorinated glove is lower.
  • Q 4. Why is latex glove a better choice of protection?

    A Latex, being the main raw material in rubber gloves manufacturing, is the gold standard for durability. It demonstrates superior elasticity, strength and barrier protection.
    It outperforms vinyl as well as any synthetic rubber in terms of maintaining barrier integrity in routine and high risks procedures. Research shows that latex gloves provide up to 9 times more protection during normal use than non-latex gloves.

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