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Initial Order

  • Q 1.What is the maximum quantity load for 20ft and 40ft container? 

    A In order to assist our customer to save the freight per carton cost, Pidegree Disposable Gloves has fully maximized the container space for every of its product as per below:

    container space of disposable gloves

  • Q 2. Can I mix different products in a container?

    A At Pidegree Glove, meeting our customers' needs is our main priority, hence flexibility is practised. We allow different types of disposable gloves (e.g. latex, surgical, vinyl and household gloves) to be shipped in one container resulting in lower cost freight benefits which are passed down to our customers. In short, we provide and allow mix containers to suit our customers' requirement.
  • Q 3. Can I have the gloves in my own private brand?

    A Yes, you may have your own brand. However, we would require your artwork or, we can even design one that can suit your requirements to provide you with that value-added services from Pidegree Glove. (For 1st time basis, printing block changes will be incurred for private brand.)
  • Q 4. What are the disadvantages of Loose Container Loading (LCL)?

    A Customers are NOT advised to purchase a LCL shipment due to the several reasons indicated below:
    1) Freight cost per carton is higher than FCL shipment. 
    2) It can cause contamination on the gloves when combine with other products in the same container that yield bad smell. 
    3) It can also cause cartons damage due to multiple handling during LCL shipment. 

  • Q 5. What are the advantages of Full Container Loading (FCL)?

    A Customers are advised to purchase a FCL shipment due to the several reasons indicated below:
    1) Freight cost per carton is cheaper. 
    2) Less damaged to the cartons during transportation time. 
    3) Better protection on glove quality as the gloves are not shipped together with other products. 

  • Q 6. What is my minimum purchase per order?

    A The minimum order is half a container load. However, if you happen to be our 1st time customer, and wish to go on a trial basis, we are prepared to consider the minimal quantity but on a case-to-case basis.
  • Q 7. What are the modes of payment that you can offer?

    A The normal modes of payment are either by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Letter of Credit (LC-To be accepted / authenticated by our Banks).
  • Q 8. What is the shipment lead time?

    A The shipment lead time is about 4 to 5 weeks upon receipt of TT payment or LC for examination gloves. For surgical gloves, household and vinyl gloves, the lead time will be about 6 to 7 weeks. For repeat orders, the lead time is expected to be shorter.
  • Q 9. What are your main product range?

    A Our wide product range is to cater for our customers' needs and convenience. This is also in line with Pidegree Glove being a 'One -Stop Glove Sourcing Center.
  • Q 10. Do you offer in-house brand?

    A Yes, we can offer our in-house brand to you provided that the in-house brand is currently not used by our existing customer on an exclusive basis in that particular country.
  • Q 11. Where are your gloves manufactured?

    A For Latex gloves :  Malaysia
    For Nitrile gloves : Malaysia
    For Vinyl gloves : China.

  • Q 12. Do you produce size XXL?

    A Yes, we produce size XXL gloves. However, this is considered as a special product to us and we request minimum order quantity of 200 cartons.
  • Q 1. Are latex gloves made from natural rubber latex?

    A Yes, latex gloves are made from natural rubber derived from the sap of rubber trees, 'Haven Braziliensis', of which can be found commonly in Malaysia.
    These species of rubber trees are known to produce high quality latex with minimal dirt and other chemical contents, which is essential in producing high quality gloves.

  • Q 2. What is the extractable protein and powder level in your gloves?

    A For our powder gloves, extractable protein level is less than 200 microgram/dm? while powder level is below 10 milligram/dm? As for our powder-free gloves,
    extractable protein level is less than 50 microgram/dm? while powder level is below 2 milligram/glove.

  • Q 3. What are the difference between chlorinated and polymer coated latex powder free gloves?

    A Latex Chlorinated Powder Free is light yellow in color and Latex Polymer Powder Free is milky white color. The protein level of chlorinated glove is lower.
  • Q 4. Why is latex glove a better choice of protection?

    A Latex, being the main raw material in rubber gloves manufacturing, is the gold standard for durability. It demonstrates superior elasticity, strength and barrier protection.
    It outperforms vinyl as well as any synthetic rubber in terms of maintaining barrier integrity in routine and high risks procedures. Research shows that latex gloves provide up to 9 times more protection during normal use than non-latex gloves.

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