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Is Nebulizer good or bad?

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Is Nebulizer good or bad?

Nowadays, the topic of health has become one of the important topics in every country, every family and every person's daily life. Especially in this worldwide serious epidemic, how to keep healthy, is a very important thing.

Due to the arrival and severity of the epidemic, there are all kinds of health care products and medical consumables on the market, such as gloves, masks, disinfectant, sprays, respirators, etc.

Gloves, masks, things that you see all the time and you're fine with it, but the Nebulizers, people may not know much about them, and they're rarely used. A nebulizer can be thought of as a small respirator with many functions.

 A.Humid air

 B.Beauty and home health care


For patients with a respiratory illness, nebulizers offer a quick and effective way to find relief from their symptoms. With the use of a nebulizer, patients can inhale their prescribed medication directly into the lungs, giving them fast relief from inflammation—and allowing them to breathe easier.Children and the elderly have bad teeth, and the nebulizer is very convenient for them to administer medicine.


A nebulizer treatment may help reduce inflammation in the lungs and/or open airways, especially in the case of respiratory illnesses like asthma. People with other respiratory diseases like COPD who have lung-related complications from a cold or flu may also benefit.

During this period of the epidemic that we don't know when it will end, in addition to getting vaccinations, we must also do daily self-protection, wear masks/gloves, and equip the home with necessary medicines.

Now that the epidemic virus has mutated a lot, nebulizers are very convenient and important in many places.

So we have to be prepared to protect our health, and we must go to the doctor if we have any conditions to survive this long epidemic together.

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