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What is an Infrared Thermometer and how does it work?

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What is an Infrared Thermometer and how does it work?

What is an infrared thermometer?An infrared temperature measurement technique is one of the main methods of non-contact temperature measurement techniques, is widely applied in relative fields, and can achieve infrared temperature measurement conveniently and quickly.

Many homes have an infrared thermometer. It’s used to monitor body temperature.

During the COVID-19,we can see infrared thermometer being used for various public places. This is mainly because it can read a body temperature very quickly. An alarm will be sounded if the temperature is higher than the standard.


How does it work?


In order to make sure that the non-contact infrared thermometer used correctly, please make certain the battery installed in the product of the positive and negative pole before using. Once the battery installed anti direction, will damage the body circuit,make the product to certain degree of damage, and will causes the test precision incorrectly and make the product to fail to run.


2. This product is a non-contact infrared thermometer a professional human body temperature measurement and the part surface temperature, can be used to measure the temperature of the human body and baby bottles,rice paste,take a shower or bath water temperature. Adopts the advanced infrared temperature measurement technology, can quickly measure the target temperature, and intelligent analysis and processing, 0.5 seconds to display the measurement result. And has the storage memory function.

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